Ways to Recognise Pure Silk


If you are a regular buyer of silk fabrics, you need to have a thought of how to distinguish silk without the assistance of costly lab hardware. To guarantee the realness of the silk, you should purchase it just from verified producers and sellers.

There's a mainstream misguided judgment in purchasers all throughout the planet that solitary Chinese production is the best silk you can purchase. In any case, lately, this has changed. Numerous obscure silk makers and merchants have arisen who sell counterfeit items for a portion of the cost of the first. In this manner, it is prescribed to decide the beginning of the silk utilized.

1. The Burn Test

A Simple Way To Distinguish Genuine Silk is by the method of the Burn Test. This test can be carried out at your home or the seller's shop/manufacturing plant. 

Separate a few silk strings from the texture cautiously utilizing the scissors from the farthest edge of the texture, and then Curve the strings you've recently separated to shape a reasonable tuft or a pack and separate it from body or dress.

Now, cautiously touch off the strings while noticing the smell. The strings should give a smell like that of consumed human hair because both silk and hair are produced using protein.

Certifiable Silk will just consume as long as the wellspring of fire is in touch with it. The buildup framed will get squashed into fine debris upon daintily squeezing it. 

Moreover, if the silk is a mix of polyester, cotton, etc, in any case, it becomes a liquid chunk of plastic. At times, it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to play out a consumer test. This is the place where different techniques prove to be useful. 

2. Luster And Smoothness Test 

Silk is known for its sumptuous pearlescent sheen and luster, the shade of the texture ought to likewise change somewhat relying upon how you're holding it. The pearlescent impact is gotten by the obstruction of light reflecting from different points of the item.

Then again, Fake texture will in general have a level white sheen paying little mind to the point. Run your fingers across the cloth to see how smooth it is. The silk strands should feel smooth and the whole fabric should wrap normally.

Counterfeit silk will not be as smooth and will be significantly stiffer when you attempt to tie it or wrap it around your shoulders or neck. In conclusion, the silk fabric will have a mother-of-pearl sparkle and will be smooth to contact. 

3. Research facility Test

You can take your item to an outsider research facility so they can play out the tests in a logical way. Notwithstanding, this can end up being quite costly. Also, the interaction of lab testing will basically require seven days.

Likewise, you'll need to forfeit your texture. They need an impressive piece of material to perform different tests. Along these lines, it is prompted that one ought to pick this strategy if all else fails. Lab tests will incorporate the consumption of the silk strands. 

4. Play out a Ring Test

In the event that the silk that you are wanting to purchase isn't exceptionally heavy, this test is awesome!

Authentic silk of lower handle can be effortlessly strung and gotten through a ring since silk is normally adaptable and smooth. Then again, fake silks would have scrunch up and would be difficult to get through.

5. Take a look at the Weave

Handwoven silk is loaded with uniqueness. There are minor varieties in the equality of the surface which is very recognizable. Machine woven silks look oddly perfect and do not contain any single extra strand of strings.

Silk Mark Organization of India has a thorough accreditation program for producers and brokers of silk. After the fundamental application, a survey is done to qualify the candidate for the second phase of participation.

The subsequent stage could be an unexpected visit from the SMOI authorities to the producers’ premises which additionally incorporates directing irregular tests from tests taken.


In spite of the fact that it is said that silk was created by the Chinese yet India is one of only a handful few nations where it was delivered as ahead of schedule as 1500 Advertisements.

Truth be told, India on current occasions has arisen as the second-most maker of silk and its items. In conclusion, just verified makers and exporters who are known to sell certifiable items will be dependent as providers of silk scarves, sarees, cloaks, and other design frills.

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All our fabrics pass burn tests, even third-party laboratory tests, and an SMOI certificate is provided with every purchase. I hope this article was helpful and certainly, these methods will help you to identify silk and confirm its genuineness.