Ultimate Guide to Working That Good ol’ Silk Saree Charm

by House Of Elegance

It is said that there are 26 different types of silk sarees in India, of which a few are reckoned worldwide as the highest in quality. Mulberry silk for example is deemed to be the highest quality silk. If you’re considering working your charm in ethnic wear, bet on the good old, time-tested classic - yes, a silk saree! There are few garments as elegant as a saree and even within sarees, silk ones remain a favorite amongst all age groups. However, to make a statement, there is a lot more to it than just buying any silk saree randomly. Here are our top 5 very actionable tips to ensure you turn all the heads when you don a silk saree the next time:

Know about the silk nuances - information is power!

Not all silks have the same fall and look & feel. Being informed about the different types of silks is the first step toward buying the right silk. For example, Banarasi silk sarees (that come from the holy land of Banaras) are typically embellished heavily with gold or silver brocade and have prominent borders. These sarees are comfortable (astonishingly so) for both hot summer months and cold winter months.

Similarly, mulberry silk sarees are made from mulberry silk which is produced (mostly) in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal. These sarees are great for wearing in humid conditions since they can wick off moisture and maintain normal body heat. The mulberry silk sarees are great for occasions where you need to look minimal chic and classy. Similarly, Assam silk sarees are also known for their durability and high gloss.

Buy only authentic silk sarees - real is classy!

A lot of companies (especially online) are able to dupe customers into buying art silk or poly silk in the name of real silk sarees. They’re not only a waste of money but can also put an unnecessary bad stamp on your personal style. Hence, you must always trust brands that source silk sarees directly from the places of origin. House of Elegance is proud of its ethical sourcing code and modus operandi. We have a vast collection of authentic silk sarees in mulberry silk, Banarasi silk, Assam silk, modal silk, Tussar silk, Tanchoi silk, Maheshwari silk, Chanderi silk, etc. Our sarees are of premium quality and handcrafted by artisans from areas native to each variety. As the name suggests, we pride in presenting the collection of authentic Indian fabrics and prints to the world, for they’re the most elegant thing one can drape themselves in!

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Style with the right accessories

Whether you choose a mulberry silk saree or an Assam silk saree, pairing it with the right kind of jewelry depending on the occasion can make a difference. For example, choose golden temple jewelry with a silk saree for wedding functions. For a day function or a simple brunch, keep it minimal and style it with dangler earrings and skip the neckpiece. All in all, you can define your personal style by adding the kind of accessories that’re your signature style. Silk sarees are versatile enough to be paired with most kinds of Indian jewelry - oxidized, gold, silver, rose gold, etc.

Bonus tip: Kundan jewelry looks the best with Banarasi silk sarees and pearls or meenakari jewelry looks great with mulberry silk sarees.

Choose the right complimenting garments

One of the most important tips to slay ‘comfortably’ in a silk saree - choose the right fabric for your underskirt (petticoat)! A cotton underskirt is not only the most comfortable choice but is also a great functional choice. It can provide the necessary grip to keep the saree in place so you can be carefree and have fun! Also, the choice of blouse design can make or break the look of a silk saree. Experiment with blouse styles while keeping in mind your comfort levels and the shoulder grip that’s necessary to keep the silk pallu in place.

Experiment with draping styles

A silk saree can be draped in several different styles. You can experiment a lot with the pallu itself. For example, you can do a ‘seedha’ pallu and also a Bengali-style pleated pallu with a mulberry silk saree given the softness. And, with a Banarasi silk saree, an open pallu that boldfaces the rich border looks the best.

We hope this article has helped you have a simple checklist in mind for slaying your next silk saree look. Don’t be lost in the world of promises when it comes to buying a silk saree. Invest in an authentic piece and it’ll be an heirloom for generations to come! Shop at House of Elegance for complete peace of mind while buying your dream silk saree(s)! We ship worldwide and also offer extensive Indian collections in dupattas, suits, and home linen.