Ajrakh Sarees

Ajrakh Sarees

Ajrakh Saree is an emerging trend in the fashion industry. Considering these to be traditional silk sarees, many celebrities flaunting their Ajrakh Sarees in many events. Ajrakh Sarees are a mix of class and tradition as it is made with some unique and eye-catching hand block printing technique.

How is Ajrakh printing done?

Ajrakh is printed on both sides using a method known as Resist Dyeing Printing Technique. The printing is done by hand using hand carved wooden blocks. Blocks of various designs are used to give the characteristic repeated pattern. Ajrakh printing is a lengthy procedure that involves various stages of printing and washing the fabric over and over again with different natural dyes and mordants like harda, lime, alizarin, and indigo.

Our Collection of Ajrakh Saree by Occasion

Gajji Silk Ajrakh Saree

Gajji Silk is a plant-based fabric, handwoven with a mixed silk on warp and cotton on weft. It provides a high glossy & silky surface on the front side and breathable cotton texture on the back side. Since it is a dyeable fabric, it is typically used while creating tie-dye sarees as the fabric brings attractive result. You can wear these Gajji Silk Ajrakh sarees on festive and formal occasions with minimal silver or golden jewellery. Gajji Silk Ajrakh sarees are traditional silk sarees, pick your favorite from House Of Elegance.

Ajrakh Modal Silk Saree

Modal Silk is a bio fabric made from wood pulp based cellulose fibre extracted from beech trees. This extract is spinned manually to get beautiful glossy and silky surface modal silk fabric. Ajrakh Modal Silk Saree printed on this fabric are skin-friendly and creates a regal look while giving you comfort at the same time. Ajrakh Modal Silk Saree are the most traditional silk sarees and the perfect choice for festive wear, party wear, and formal office wear. Your Modal Silk Ajrakh saree will definitely fetch numerous praise. You can style Modal Silk Ajrakh saree with any jewellery.

Ajrakh Dola Silk Saree

Dola Silk fabric is a mixture of polyester with silk threads for notable strength and desired texture. This fabric contains a great fall, with slight sheerness, and black antique zari on their borders and in palla, therefore, a perfect choice for festive wear, social gatherings and wedding ceremonies. You can style this traditional silk saree with Black or Golden blouse, long necklace, silver jewellery and jhumkas.

Cotton Ajrakh Saree

Known for its extensive comfort and pleasant softness, Cotton Ajrakh Saree is an ideal option for daily office wear when you can maintain your appearance with the addition of softness and breathability. You can style these Cotton Ajrakh saree with or without any jewellery.

Royal up your wardrobe by Dola Silk Ajrakh Saree, Gajji Silk Ajrakh Saree, Cotton Ajrakh Saree, Modal Silk Ajrakh Saree from Bhuj.

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