Handcrafted Suits For Every Occasion

by House Of Elegance

8 Golden Rules For Buying A Handcrafted Suit Online For Every Occasion

Suits are quite a quintessential element in the wardrobe of every Indian woman. It not only elevates the beauty of women but also gives them comfort. Having said that, buying this comfortable piece of clothing can be quite tricky. There are several types of salwar suits available in the market, starting from Banarasi silk suits to Hand block printed cotton suits. While machine-made suits are produced quickly, handcrafted suits are manufactured carefully to bring perfection and comfort. Handcrafted suits are unique and organic, promising skin-friendly fabric. There are various kinds of handcrafted suits available online, but not all give go with every occasion. To save confusion, there are a number of rules that can help in finding the right suit for every occasion.

Here are some of the golden rules that can be helpful while shopping for the ideal suit.

Choose the shopping platform

While shopping for anything, the first thing that you need to decide on is the shopping platform. So, do some market research and decide whether you want to buy a suit online or from an offline store. If you don’t want to invest much time in shopping, then surf suits from online sites. It allows you to shop for your ideal suit from the convenience of home at any odd hour. You can choose from a wide variety, including Ajrakh, Sanganeri (Jaipuri), Kalamkari, Dabbu, Bagh, Maheshwari, Ikat, and Banarasi silk suits online. These handcrafted arts can be availed across various types of fabric including pure cotton, mulmul, Modal Silk, Tussar silk, Kota Doriya, Chanderi Cotton Silk or Maheshwari Cotton Silk. Check out the product descriptions accurately before adding the preferred one to the virtual cart. Don’t just go for big brands, as some of them do not give in-depth details on fabrics and also sell suits with screen prints instead of hand block prints. Rather, look for a website that provides detailed description about the fabric that will help you learn about the quality and type of it before purchase. So, think wisely and choose a suitable shopping platform before checking out the suits. House of Elegance will be the ideal choice for buying a handcrafted suit online as they give detailed descriptions about the art and fabric of their exclusive collection of suits on its online platform.

Look for an authentic seller 

Authenticity counts when you are investing your hard-earned money on a favourite piece of clothing. For ensuring the comfort and durability of a suit, you must look for authentic sellers in the suit manufacturing business. Give value to genuine products over brand reputation. There are brands who sell suits with screen printed designs instead of hand block printing. So, look for a retailer who sells genuine handcrafted suits and offers an array of options. House of Elegance is the best brand for buying suits in terms of variety, quality, and price. They have a plethora of hand-woven and hand block printed suits that are crafted with care and precision.

Decide the occasion

While buying suits, you must keep in mind the occasion for which you are shopping. Not every kind of suit can be worn on every occasion. For instance, at a traditional ceremony, you can wear a gorgeous suit with bright colours in a classy silk fabric. On the contrary, if you have a meeting to attend, you will choose the suit accordingly. Subtle tone, comfortable fabric with minimal prints would be the perfect pick. Basically, less is more shall be your mantra then. Be clear-headed about the purpose behind the suit and look for the one that fits the occasion. There are some fabrics that go with every occasion, like cotton chanderi silk, Maheshwari cotton silk, Kota Doriya, and modal silk. These fabrics never go out of fashion and add grace and dignity to your look.

Set your budget

Impulsive shopping can be fun but hurts the pocket in the long run. So, set your budget beforehand, and look for your ideal suit within that range. It will narrow down your options and save you some confusion and extra expense. Whether you want Ajrakh, Kalamkari, Ikkat, or hand block printed cotton suits, there will be plenty of options within your budget at the suit stores. Conveying the budget limit will also help stores sales personnel to find the best suits that fit your budget. In case you are shopping online, you can filter your search within the preferred price range to save time.

Select your preferred fabric

Clothing should be all about comfort and style. When it comes to buying a suit, one must choose the fabric prudently. Each fabric can give you a distinct look. For instance, silk suits can make you look poised and dressed for a festive occasion while cotton suits can give an at-ease look. So, you need to get your hands on the right kind of fabric. Online shopping might not be handy while choosing the fabric for the suit. You only have to rely on the fabric description given on the site. However, in offline stores, you can stroll through the store, check out their variety of fabrics, and pick the most suitable one. From Maheshwari cotton silk to modal silk suits, there are diverse fabrics in which suits are available in the market. Take your time, explore, and select the fabric that gives you comfort and fits your occasion.

Check the quality of the fabric

When shopping for any piece of clothing, you must not compromise on the quality of the fabric. Don’t get lured by a print, or a colour. If you are not comfortable in a suit, it will hardly be a one-time wear. To avoid such a waste of money, look for good quality fabrics while buying suits. Make sure the fabric is well-woven and is not itchy or uncomfortable. You should read the description of suit fabric given on a website and choose accordingly. Modal silk suits, for instance, is a high quality suit fabric variant that is breathable like cotton and lustrous like silk. No lining is required in modal silk suits as the fabric is strong, making it more comfortable. If you want such quality fabrics in suits, you can check out the House of Elegance website.

Choose your colour

Women have a precise knowledge of colour tones and they apply the same while shopping for suits. Given the extensive variety of colours in which suits are available, you might end up being confused about which one to choose. Instead of standing confused amid a hoard of colour options, decide the colour in which you want the suit and then search options in that colour shade. Some prefer subtle tones, others go for vibrant solid colours. You may also go for a blend of some complementing colours. You will find a huge colour variety in Chanderi silk suits online and modal silk online and in offline stores as it is one of the popular fabrics for suits. Once you are done deciding on the fabric type, choose your preferred colour in that fabric and pick the suit that pleases your eye.

Look for your preferred prints

Finally, you need to search for the best prints of your choice. Suits come in some beautiful and intricately designed prints. You can find a myriad of prints like Bagh, Batik, Leheriya, Ajrakh, Kalamkari Bagh and Sanganeri print suits online. After all, the more options available in prints, the merrier it is for suit buyers. Prints come in contrasting or complimenting colours and enhance the look of a suit. Surf through the available prints and pick the one that charms you. Both screen printing and hand block printing are available in the market. However, it is recommended to go for hand block printed suits as it provides a unique print on each suit and gives sustainability to suits. Also, go for prints that are done with natural dyes. House of Elegance, for instance, uses organic dyes that are both environment and skin friendly. You can check them out on the House of Elegance official website. They use no digital printing and the prints do not get faded even after repeated wash. Moreover, due to their entire collection of handcrafted suits, they have successfully been keeping the art alive and helping the artisans maintain its sustainability.

Following these golden rules can help you in finding the right one without any hassle. Suits are fit for every occasion, but not every suit goes perfectly with every occasion. It is paramount to select the right suit while shopping. Now that you know the smart rules to follow while buying a suit, head out to a store or search on platforms and get your hands on the ideal suit.

House of Elegance can be the one-stop solution for buying the perfect suit for every occasion at a reasonable price. They aim to conglomerate classical Indian fabrics and prints with contemporary looks in suits. You can find an astounding collection of Ajrakh, Bagh Print, Ikat, Kalamkari, Maheshwari and Sanganeri print suits online on the website of House of Elegance. Speaking of safety and genuineness, all their suits are dyed with organic colours which are absolutely safe for any skin type. Because of their consistent goodwill, they have progressed to become one of the most successful sellers of suits, sarees, bedspreads, and other home linen in India.