Select the Perfect Silk Saree for yourself

by House Of Elegance

Ultimate Guide On How To Choose The Perfect Silk Saree

As the practice of sericulture grew over the years, so did the demand for the lightweight fabric, silk. Now, silk is a globally renowned fabric and is considered as one of the premium fabrics utilised in weaving sarees. For hundreds of years, silk sarees have represented tradition, elegance, and culture. No matter what the occasion is, an elegant silk saree is sure to make heads turn. Thanks to the advancements of technology, you can now get your hands on beautiful and pure silk sarees online as well as offline.

There are many types of silk sarees available in the market, each having its own uniqueness. However, consumers often find it difficult to differentiate between the silk variants. Here is a guide that can help you know, identify and choose the perfect silk saree.

Know Your Options

Below goes some of the silk saree variants that are most coveted among saree lovers.

Banarasi Katan Silk Saree

As the name suggests, a Banarasi Silk saree is woven in Varanasi. These sarees are made out of premium quality Katan silk. The intricate gold and silver brocade design make it look more gorgeous than any other type of silk saree. There is a custom to wear a Banarasi silk saree during wedding ceremonies in India. Banarasi Katan Silk saree is a hand-woven silk saree and is the most popular Banarasi variant because of its fine and lustrous texture and light weight.

Chanderi Cotton Silk Saree

Chanderi cotton silk saree is one of the most exquisite types of Cotton silk sarees. A combination of cotton and silk give these weaves a sheer gloss. The lightweight and comfortable feel of these sarees make them desirable. Opulent embroidery of floral and peacock motifs are commonly noticed designs on these sarees. Hand block printing techniques including Dabbu, Ajrakh, Bagh prints are used to bring out the uniqueness of each saree. These sarees are hand-woven and are comfortable enough to wear on a regular day, as well as, on any occasion.

Modal Silk Sarees

Modal silk sarees are made from natural fibres and boast a blend of cotton and silk. Unlike a Banarasi Katan silk saree, which has gloss and heavy zari borders, the modal silk saree is super soft, light and comfortable, making it perfect for everyday use. Even in a family function, their subtle yet significant presence will make you stand out in the crowd. Due to its strength and shine, Modal silk is a preferred fabric for Ajrakh and Bagh prints. These sarees are available in different categories, offering a variety of choices.

Ajrakh Modal Silk Sarees

Ajrakh Modal silk saree is the most famous variant of modal silk. These feature an elegant hand block print that takes at least 20 days to complete. The final design on each saree flaunts some exclusive prints, separate from the other modal silk sarees.

These sarees are usually not certified in the fabric market because they are hand block printed rather than hand woven. If the seller is legitimate, the saree will be certified by "Silk Mark India," ensuring that the base fabric is 100 percent natural silk. We at House of Elegance, ensure that every piece of silk we sell is fully certified. You will be provided with the certified marked document of the fabric when you purchase through us.

Tussar Silk Saree

Tended by tribals, these sarees are woven mostly in the Malda district of West Bengal. From batik prints, matka, madhubani and block prints, the variations of this type of silk sarees are limitless. These impart a dazzling look because of their heavy embroidery work and shimmery finish. The best way to distinguish between a Chanderi cotton silk saree and a tussar silk saree is by looking at the weave. Chanderi cotton silk sarees are usually transparent whereas tussar silk saree is opaque. If the seller is legitimate, the saree will be certified by "Silk Mark India," ensuring that the base fabric is 100 percent natural silk.

Paithani Silk Saree

Paithani Silk saree, originated from Paithan, Maharashtra, is renowned for its slanted square designs on the border and is mostly embellished with peacock, parrot, flower and tree motifs. Their kaleidoscopic designs make them easy to mark. The use of high-quality silk and attractive brocade designs contributes to their high demand among women.

Kanjivaram Silk Saree

Giving a strong competition to Banarasi saree is Kanjeevaram silk saree that is woven originally in South India. These sarees take at least 4 to 5 weeks to complete. Featuring wide contrast borders with zari and light motifs, Kanjivaram is a must-have silk saree in every woman’s wardrobe. Innumerable colour choices and designs make these sarees most versatile and mesmerizing.

Maheswari Cotton Silk Saree

Artisans from Maheshwar used to originally weave these sarees. It has historical significance as it was developed under the patronage of a Maratha queen. Thus, it has a royal grace and typically flaunts the influence of Maheshwar architecture. As the name suggests, it features a mixture of pure cotton and silk and is hand-woven with a technique that has been preserved from bygone times.

Banarasi Jamawar Tanchoi

An extremely light weight saree, Banarasi Jamawar Tanchoi is a product of amalgamation of Chinese and Indian techniques. The technique of weaving Tanchoi saree was originally taught by a Chinese artisan to Surat weavers. Later on, bringing some contemporary twist, weavers of Banaras started weaving Banarasi Jamawar Tanchoi sarees. Following one of the most complicated techniques, the weavers craft these sarees using one or two warps along with two to five colours on the weft. Due to its sheer glossy finesse and light weight, it has gained huge popularity among the women of India.

Kadhwa Katan Banarasi Silk

Katan is a plain-weave fabric made entirely of silk threads. It is made up of two twisted threads and is commonly used for the warp of light fabrics. Katan silk, as the term is known in Varanasi, is made by twisting numerous silk filaments into a yarn that is highly tough and resilient. It's handmade with a warp and weft of pure silk. Banarasi is known all over the world for this silk fabric, which is very fine, smooth, and shiny. If you want your hands on some beautiful and genuine Banarasi silk, then check out the collection of House of Elegance as it houses an array of this ethnic beauty. All these sarees are certified by "Silk Mark India" assuring 100% natural silk in the base fabric.

How To Choose And Maintain The Best Quality Silk Saree

Now that you know the various types of silk sarees, let us take a look into how to choose an authentic silk saree and how to maintain it.

Opt For A Reputed Dealer

Buying pure silk sarees online comes with risk since you cannot evaluate the quality of the silk. So, it is better to buy from a reputable brand to be certain about its quality. Even when you are buying sarees offline, it is crucial to look for authentic sellers to ensure that the quality of the silk is pure. House of Elegance is one such platform that showcases premium quality silk sarees curated from across the country. With their exclusive designs and affordable silk sarees, they have earned nationwide popularity in the silk saree business. If the seller is genuine, then the Saree is Certified by "Silk Mark India" assuring 100% natural silk in the base fabric.

Check For The Right Price

Everyone wants the best quality silk sarees at an affordable price range. Having said that, pure and authentic silk sarees do not come at a cheap price because of the hard work and time that goes into their weaving. For example, an authentic Ajrakh Modal silk saree will cost more than a fake silk Ajrakh silk saree. And if you find it at a much cheaper price, then check its purity. Silk sarees that have gold and silver embellishments are the costliest ones. But sarees that have minimal or no embroidery work can come at a lower price. So, check for the right price before you invest in a silk saree and beware of fake silks.

Choose The Right Colour

While shopping for silk sarees, be mindful of the occasion you are buying for. This is where the smart selection of colour comes in. When you are choosing a silk saree, the colour needs to compliment your skin complexion and the type of occasion for which you are buying. For variety in colour options, you can turn to the House of Elegance which offers innumerable colour choices. Also, all their sarees are dyed with organic colours, ensuring your skin’s safety.

Check For Silk Quality

While many e-commerce sites and shops sell silk sarees, not all have genuine silk collections. You must beware of fraudulent silk sarees. After you receive the saree, conduct a silk burn test. Take a few threads from the saree and burn them from the ends. You will be left with a small ash ball which would smell like burnt hair. If there are no ashes left, you have received an artificial silk. For such genuine products, you can check out the House of Elegance website. You will be given a government approved silk verified certificate on every purchase from this store which is a guarantee of its genuineness.

Buying a costly silk saree demands proper maintenance and care too. So, here are some of the ways to maintain your dearly loved pure silk sarees.

Avoid Piling Up

Silk sarees are delicate and hence, it is best not to mix them up with other sarees and not to pile them up. Instead, make a separate shelf in your wardrobe to keep these sarees wrapped in a muslin cloth. Moreover, avoid too many folds as folding might lead to wrinkles and tears in the saree.

Apply Proper Ventilation

Especially during winters, pure silk sarees get a peculiar odour. To avoid that, you can apply scented sachets and proper ventilation whenever possible. Just hang these sarees outside for half an hour or so and the job will be done.

Washing instructions

It is not recommended to wash pure silk sarees on a regular basis. But, when you do, you need to follow certain instructions. For instance, it is advisable to wash silk sarees in cold water with gentle detergent. The best solution is to send them for dry cleaning for proper cleaning and maintenance of the sarees.

Pure silk sarees are considered a valuable asset by Indian women. This is why choosing the purest form of silk is crucial. Keep in mind the above-mentioned parameters while buying and maintaining silk sarees and you will be good to go. Among the silk saree retailers, House of Elegance provides an extensive range of authentic silk sarees. All their sarees are hand-woven and take a long time to be crafted to perfection. Like no other brand, they provide silk verified certificates from the government of India with every purchase, guaranteeing authenticity. You can buy their exclusive collection from their stores or from their online portal from the convenience of home.