Ultimate Guide to Buying a Dohar Online

by House Of Elegance

We all remember our moms carefully tucking us into a cozy dohar when we fell asleep on a summer afternoon. A dohar blanket or a throw blanket as it is called is the ultimate comforter and an essential when it comes to bed linen. You might have seen people investing in a dohar to add that extra charm and comfort to their bedroom. If you’ve been coveting a dohar in Indian prints, wait before you fall for any trickery. Read on to know how to buy authentic, elegant, and skin-safe dohars for your bedroom.

But first, what exactly is a Dohar blanket?

A dohar blanket (throw blanket) is typically made by weaving two cotton sheets together. An additional layer of cotton or flannel is stitched in between a lot of times to give the blanket extra warmth. In fact, the word ‘dohar’ is a Hindi word that comes from the original term ‘dohrana’ or repeating (the layer of fabric). A dohar blanket made of cotton is perfect for summer since they are light, breathable, and comfortable. They add the right amount of coziness to a summer noon’s slumber and are almost indispensable in an Indian bedroom. A lot of times doors are also used as AC blankets for extra comfort during the night.

Why should you be careful while shopping for a Dohar online?

Buying a dohar online can be tricky! It is not as straightforward as buying a regular garment. Sellers can cheat you in all sorts of ways while selling you bed linen. A lot of companies and unregulated vendors sell cheap polyester-lined or machine-printed throw blankets in the name of the originals. You may end up falling prey to fraudulent practices like not accepting returns, sending a duplicate of an original design, etc. It is best to trust websites that display all details and go the extra mile to ensure your 100% satisfaction. Always look for the sourcing details - any good company will call it out loud along with clear cancellation, returns & refund policies.

Why choose House of Elegance for buying an authentic Indian print dohar blanket?

Our bedrooms are no less than sacred spaces. Sleep is meditation, after all! It thus deserves only the best of bed linen, be it bedsheets, pillow covers, or blankets. The fabric used in the bed linen can make or break your entire mood and can even impact your wellness in the longer run. At House of Elegance, we pride ourselves on being able to source authentic products from artisans in remote areas of India which are home to indigenous prints and fabrics. We work directly with the craftsmen to eliminate any duping by middlemen and ensure that only what’s real and good gets to make its way to your home. Here are 5 reasons why you should buy your next dohar or throw blanket ONLY from House of Elegance:

  1. Our Jaipuri cotton dohars are made of the highest quality premium mulmul cotton which is great for both comfort and look & feel. 
  2. Our dohars are hand-printed with organic colors making them absolutely skin friendly.
  3. Every cotton dohar we bring to you is reversible and can be used in two ways. They are easy to wash and maintain too!
  4. Our collection is varied enough to suit everyone’s style and taste. You can choose from a variety of prints to best reflect your personal taste. 
  5. Lastly, we ship internationally too! Now you can order a traditional Indian dohar, handcrafted by Indian artisans anywhere in the world. Bring home a flavor of the comforting childhood memories by ordering bed linen that will forever remind you of the motherland!
Need to see to believe? Well, just log on to House Of Elegance and let your eyes savor our collection. We are sure you’ll not stop at one! You can shop for authentic Indian prints and fabrics across different categories viz suits, sarees, dupattas, table linen, bed linen, cushion covers, and everything that your home needs for a rich Indian look & feel. You can also write to us directly for any queries about products, shipping, return & refund policy or simply for suggestions and feedback!