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    Cotton Dohars for Summer

    The word "Dohar" is derived from the Hindi word “dohrana” which means repetition. Cotton Dohars have three repetitive layers. The top & bottom layers of Muslin or Mulmul cotton fabric are layered with a third layer of cotton flannel filling in middle and are stitched together to keep the filling intact and evenly distributed. This makes cotton Dohars for summers soft, breathable, and resilient for long.

    Jaipuri Dohars

    Explore a wide range of beautifully hand block printed cotton Jaipuri Dohars online from our online store. Jaipuri Dohars are also popularly known as Dohar blanket or Indian summer quilt. The top and bottom layers of Muslin or Mulmul cotton fabric are hand block printed in Sanganer, Jaipur. Our Jaipuri Dohars online are cotton reversible Dohar blankets with two different prints on both sides. Shop multi-color reversible Dohar online and pair with our Solid Plain Bedsheets and Sanganeri Printed Bedsheets to décor your bed and brings vibrancy in your resting nest.

    Dohar Blankets

    Our hand block printed pure cotton reversible Dohar blankets are perfect for Indian summers. Cotton Dohars for summers are soft, light weight, and breathable Dohar blankets to keep your rest time soothing and pleasing. Made of muslin cotton or Mulmul cotton and hand block printed using organic colors, Jaipuri Dohars online are skin friendly and protects you from various allergens floating around in air especially during summer.

    Dohar Sets

    Shop from our exclusive range of Jaipuri Cotton Double Bed Dohars and Single Bed Dohar Sets.

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