Bagh Block Print Bedsheets

30 products

    30 products

    Bagh Hand Block Print Bedsheet Set

    Style your bedroom with these eclectic and timeless hand block print bedsheet sets. House Of Elegance has exclusively designed these cotton bedsheets by making use of India's ancient art of Bagh hand block printing technique.

    Red, Black and White Bedsheet

    Bagh prints primarily depicts nature inspired motifs in red, white and black color. Moreover, the printing process involves hand printed wood block relief prints with naturally sourced pigments and dyes. Also, we have paired up these skin-friendly bedsheet with tie & dyed pillow covers.

    Cotton Bedsheet Set

    Cotton is breathable, durable and suitable for sensitive skin. In addition,  cotton keeps cool in summers and warm in winters. Therefore, nothing can replace the benefits of cotton for bed linens. Moreover, classic Bagh printing on cotton means it suits all taste from contemporary to traditional styles.

    Glace Cotton Bedsheet Set

    Glace cotton is high quality polished cotton fabric. So, the use of this fabric makes the block print bedsheet smooth and shiny. In addition, the cotton elements of it retain the best qualities of cotton.

    These handcrafted and designer bedsheets may have slight irregularities in colors and prints. Moreover, these are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. Therefore, cherish these minor irregularities as a hallmark of all hand block print bedsheets. 

    For the one who adores handcrafted products, these bedsheets are the perfect gift. 

    So, shop from our exclusive range of Bagh block print bedsheets and amp up your bedroom with ease.

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