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    Throw Blankets

    throw is a cotton or woolen designer fabric to décor a sofa or bed. A throw blanket is an essential style element to décor your living spaces and bedroom.

    Sofa Throw Cover

    Sofa throw covers are shorter than blankets but large enough for a person to snuggle.

    Typically, sofa throw blankets are knitted, printed, or textured and are available in various styles and sizes. They are comfortable to keep you warm and beautiful enough to keep your resting nest welcoming. 

    Throw Blankets for Sofa

    Uplift the aura of your living spaces with sofa throw blankets and coordinated cushion covers. A throw blanket breaks up the monotonous elements of a sofa or bed.

    Sofa Throws Online

    Our vibrant collection of trend-setting sofa throws online is exclusively designed and crafted using India's ancient art of hand block printing on cotton handloom fabric from Sanganer.

    Cotton handloom throw blankets are breathable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. When hand block printed using organic colors, these throw blankets become skin-friendly, vibrant, and classic.

    Our sofa throw covers are further embellished with long tassels and are typically available in the following sizes:

    • 85 x 55 Inches – Suitable for decorating beds and big couches
    • 65 x 50 Inches - Suitable for decorating sofa and accent or armchair

    Styling with Throw Blankets

    • Fold it twice lengthwise and drape it over the back of your couch or sofa.
    • Fold it twice lengthwise and then halve it from the wider side and drape the arm of your couch or sofa.
    • For a more welcoming appeal, spread it unevenly from one corner towards the center seat of your sofa.
    • Drape it over the accent or armchair placed in the corner of your living space to make the space more welcoming, lively, and bright.
    • Fold it neatly or spread it casually to style your bed by placing it towards the foot side.

    Shop from our exclusive range of Sofa Throw Blankets and amp up your sitting corners with ease.

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