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    Kantha Bed Covers

    Literal meaning of Kantha is “patched cloths”. Two types of fabrics are layered and stitched together by thousands of small and straight running stitches to create a beautiful hand embroidered soft quilted bedspread. They are called Kantha Quilt or Kantha Bed Cover or Kantha Bedspreads.

    Vintage Kantha Quilts

    Originally, women in Bengal used to collect various contrasting and beautiful unused sarees to layer them through Kantha stitching to make light blankets or throw blanket or bed throw. These vintage Kantha Quilts were suitable for mild winters or monsoon breezy nights. Gradually, these vintage Kantha Quilts started became favorites of tourists as Throw Blankets and their popularity started rising.

    Kantha Quilts

    House Of Elegance offers a wide variety of Kantha Quilts, namely, Ajrakh, Dabu Hand Block Printed, Tie and Dye and Embroidered Patch Work Kantha Quilts.

    Topmost layer of the Kantha Quilt is of soft cotton fabric hand block printed in natural colours. Bottom layer is typically solid plain in contrasting colour or white colour soft cotton fabric.

    Ajrakh Kantha Bedcover

    Topmost layer of Ajrakh Kantha Quilt is Ajrakh hand block printed. Ajrakh printing involves sixteen step process of washing, printing, dyeing, and drying. Natural dyes are prepared using locally cultivated indigo, flour of Kachika, flower of Dhavadi, pomegranate seeds, harde powder etc. Intricate design patterns and use of natural dyes make Ajrakh inherently rare.

    Dabu Kantha Bedcover

    Dabu print is an ancient mud-resist hand block printing technique most common in Rajasthan. Nature inspired designed of wooden blocks are dipped in natural dyes to give earthy shades to the topmost fabric of the Kantha Quilt.

    Kantha Bedspreads

    Use of natural and eco-friendly dyes make these Kantha bedspreads skin friendly. These hand block printed Kantha bedspreads are handcrafted and may have slight irregularities in colors and prints that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. However, these minor irregularities are considered as the hallmark of all such handcrafted products.

    Mix and match these Kantha bedspreads with pillow and cushion covers of other shades to create your own distinctive style.

    They are also used as Throw Blanket or Bed Throw to beautify your bed and used as a blanket in mild winters or in AC.

    These Kantha Bedcovers are perfect gift to mesmerize your loved ones on special occasions like housewarming, wedding, or anniversary etc.

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